Easential Healing

Space for emotional, mental, & energetic wellbeing.

Easential Healing is your go-to space for emotional, mental, and energetic healing. We support people that are currently embarking on their self-discovery and healing journey, and also professionals and healers who are looking to further deepen their connection to themselves.

You can heal yourself,

but you don't have to do it alone.

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Reiki Sessions

60-90 min in-person session


45-60 min online session


Access Bars

60 min in-person session


30 min in-person session


Crystal Chakra Balancing

30 min in-person session


Connect with your inner world.

Meet your Higher Self.

Calm your body and mind.

Benefits of Reiki

Physical Well-being

Reiki energy promotes the body's natural ability to heal itself. Your body experiences deep relaxation and releases physical and emotional tension. It enhances the function of your internal organs and relieves pain.

Mental & Emotional Support

Reiki's gentle energy allows the processing of emotional and mental blockages, bringing the unconscious conscious. While sessions can be silent, with us, you can express yourself out loud with the guidance of your Reiki practitioner.

Energetic Balancing

Reiki energy is a high vibrational energy that moves through your electromagnetic field and chakra system, clearing out stagnation and increasing overall energy flow.


Easential Healing

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Easential Healing is a space for people embarking on their self-discovery and healing journey, as well as, professionals and healers looking to further deepen their connection to themselves.

Healing and evolving as spiritual beings allow us to show up as our true Selves in this lifetime. When we don't allow ourselves to face our emotional and energetic bodies, we get caught up in our limited human minds and we rely on the physical world for resources.

How we perceive life and how we feel gives us insights into our inner world, beliefs, and limiting definitions of our experiences.

Clearing out the energetic stagnation and emotions from our bodies, and moving through beliefs that no longer serve us clears our vision and allows for a better understanding of ourselves and others. Allowing us to listen to our true purpose and truth.

The only way to wholesome well-being is through feeling and releasing stuck emotions and limiting beliefs. While this is an individual journey, I firmly believe that you don't have to do it alone. Navigating the difficult task of facing ourselves is easier when we are accompanied and guided by another who is experienced in holding space.

Meet Erika

Hello! My name is Erika Marie, Reiki Master and Access Bars practitioner. I started my journey with Reiki in 2014 as solely a client, received Reiki sessions at least once a month and it became essential in my life.

I went on to become a Reiki practitioner in 2017. Reiki opened up my world and has been a huge catalyst for my self-healing journey.

After having Reiki and meeting holistic healers along the way. I then obtained a Master's in Transpersonal Development in Puebla, Mexico (2018-2020) and now I'm based in San Diego.

My soul's purpose is to create this space where anyone can feel seen and accompanied through their own healing. I understand the importance of being guided by another.

I am looking forward to connecting with you...



13514 Pomerado Rd L, Poway, CA 92064

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"Erika is a talented energy healer! Her intuitive insights throughout our session lead me to deeper conclusions about myself and my circumstances that, when paired with Reiki, I was able to gain not only a new perspective of, but also bring a new energy to. I am endlessly grateful for her gifts!"


"I loved it! Erika clearly laid out what the session was going to look like. She made me feel very relaxed and at peace. The reiki itself felt amazing and I enjoyed the overall experience!"


"Feeling the Reiki energy is so calming and loving. Erika helped me face a very emotionally charged situation with support and love. I was able to release the tension with ease and feel my way through my present struggle. The method she uses is very effective. I had a few thoughts and some realizations that I’d never had before that were helpful to my healing. It’s been over 12 hours and I still feel so relaxed and free. She is amazing."


"Loved it! I processed So many emotions!"